Beautiful Light

He sees a beautiful light as he stares straight into space.

It was almost pitch black that engulfed his being as he sat perched before the world, allowing himself to be enthralled by the eternity of night sky that was a sea of shadow save for a handful of lambent stars and a golden moon. It emanated an ambiguous but strangely powerful force, the boundless expanse of darkness immersing his mind in curiosity and wonder.

If only he could be up there, he wished, instead of craning his neck out the window, arms planted firmly on the frosty sill to prevent him from falling forward and to his death, gazing dreamily at the void of the night. He had been at his desk, under the bright white lights, but he never wanted to be there. The blank walls encapsulated him within, and the lights blanched his face into cold stone. He wanted out; he wanted to push apart the walls and their austere exteriors, freeing him from their claustrophobic clutches, and leave the world behind.

He would float upwards, as if gravity were just a figment of our imagination, soaring past the rows of buildings and the homes of his friends, waving goodbye to them as he glided up to the abyss that hung above and he would be gone. Once in the weightlessness of space he would put on his space helmet and breathe in fresh air. Pausing after a slower but deeper breath, he would marvel at the planet Earth below him which sparkled in a conglomerate of green and blue. He would soon miss home, but that didn’t matter then as he searched for meaning in adventure.

But what he visioned wasn’t retained in reality. Miserable as a shredded photograph, what he pictured lay decimated in fragments on the ground before him. He would pick them up, piece by piece, but there just wasn’t an urgency in him to do so right there and then.


He sees the beautiful light, and she sees it too. She’s wrapped in a spacesuit lying back on the moon, throwing rocks at the faraway stars and watching them float further and further away. One day they may even collide, and burst into a larger conflagration, blemishing the deep space with a flurry of flames. But all that would eventually diffuse and everything would return to the plain ordinary.

She doesn’t remember where her spaceship is, but that doesn’t worry her. One day her dreams would last forever, and till that day, she’d be happy floating around in the vastness of space, flicking moon rocks at whatever she pleases.