It rains on the worst of days.

Instinctively we’ll go shut the windows; lessen the agony on our already dampened spirits, and keep the rain outside.

But today I let the rain pour in. The floor got a little wet but it wasn’t a mess. As I lay in rest, I watched and listened for the patter to die down, and then cease altogether. The scrunching of tires against the wet road outside echoed softly in the distance as a vehicle turned.

As time grew older, the disarray of little water puddles on the cool floor soon vaporized, and the heat carried it back out the window to the heavens above. I could imagine it all; like a little misty whirlwind headed out to the sky. It was slow, but it was real.

Maybe sometimes we should pause and look at ourselves and the things that hold us down. We’ll let them for awhile, before their grips eventually relinquish and we shake free.

Maybe the rain wouldn’t be as bad as we thought it would, and out the window, we’ll see a new day.

A new opportunity awaiting just in our reach.